The direct proof of existence of a dark matter

By means of a space x-ray telescope of Chandra and Hubble's telescope detailed supervision of a congestion of galaxies 1Е0657-558, representing actually two separate congestion at an initial stage of their scattering after collision are executed. Hot gas in congestions was observed on its x-ray radiation, and weight distribution has been received on distortion of optical images of the galaxies which are at a great distance behind a congestion.

Gravitational distortion of light gives to images of galaxies the extended form that statistically allows to restore weight distribution in a gravitational lens. As it has appeared, position of gas kernels of congestions does not coincide with position of the centres of weights of scattering congestions. The picture is that that gas as though lags behind scattering invisible condensations of weight and galaxies that practically proves existence of a dark matter. The following interpretation is given to supervision. In the isolated congestions of galaxies the gas kernel is approximately in the centre of more extended plateau of a dark matter. In the course of collision of congestions, at their flight the friend through the friend gas clouds have tested a mutual friction and were braked, and a dark matter and galaxies have continued to fly by inertia. As a result the elementary component of congestions and their dark matter were spatially divided. This division though it and not full, is authentically established from comparison of the x-ray image and the distribution of the latent weight restored on optical supervision of gravitational distortion.

For an explanation of curves of rotation of galaxies and a gas heat in congestions of galaxies various updatings of the law of gravitation were offered. In view of described supervision necessity for similar alternative theories has disappeared and, moreover, the majority of them cannot describe an observable picture of collisions of congestions. While it is not known, of what the dark matter consists: on the most probable hypothesis - from the elementary particles which have been not found out while experimentally. Direct registration of these particles in terrestrial detectors would be the unequivocal decision of a problem of a dark matter, on what efforts of already working laboratories are directed, and also new experiments are planned.