The accelerator has generated the abnormal phenomenon

Not only that accelerators in itself are the big riddle for uninitiated so also the data obtained by them causes sincere bewilderment of experts. Experiment with Tevatron - most powerful of put by the present moment into operation accelerators of elementary particles - has allowed physicists of one of the largest accelerating centres of the world to establish existence of the abnormal phenomenon.

Accelerator Tevatron is in Fermi's National laboratory, in American state Illinois. For given time it is the most powerful in the world the accelerator of elementary particles. Tevatron disperses protons towards to antiprotons, and energy of their collision reaches 1,8 elektron-volt. After the big accelerator will be repaired and again started, the honorary title of the most powerful accelerator will pass to it.

The international collective of physicists consisting of more than 400 authors from 51 centres of science, has carried out the analysis of the data which has been saved up during multimonthly experiment on collision a proton-antiproton of bunches. In the course of collision of these particles the effects connected with a birth of new particles and interaction of quarks started to be shown.

The essence of the sensational phenomenon consists that the birth muon (elementary particles) occurs on considerable distance from a point of impact of bunches. Scientists expected that particles will appear in steams, instead of in the form of streams. Besides, muones which should be born on distance a maximum in pair millimetres from a point of impact of bunches, flew by 10 times more and even had time to leave a vacuum pipe. Them was too much for standard model - in it reception muon's streams is impossible even in habitual area near to collision of bunches of particles.

Experts have declared impossibility to explain this phenomenon within the limits of available representations. Under the informal data, the received experimental data can lead to revolution in the physicist.

Let's remind that recently in a society start and the subsequent stop of the Big accelerator was widely discussed. The TANK is the accelerator of protons representing a ring design in the extent of 27 kilometres. By means of 120 powerful electromagnets it was supposed to disperse to close to light speed (99,9%) counter bunches of protons. Consequences of collision of particles also become the main subject of studying. The main task the TANK - check of the so-called Standard model uniting all kinds of interactions, except gravitational. Scientists also count that the TANK will help to find out a particle Higgsa called by "a particle of God". The particle of Higgsa explains presence of weights at elementary particles.

The accelerator has passed the first test in the beginning of September, problems however have soon begun. The accelerator has been stopped on September, 19th after about hundred overcooled magnets involved in the unit, have heated up almost on 100 degrees. Because of it in 27-km. An accelerator tunnel has got about ton of liquid helium. After a while the TANK has been stopped because of problems with an electricity. Then because of defect of the electric connection connecting magnets of the accelerator, there was one more pause. As a result in the European centre of nuclear researches have informed that term of start of the accelerator is transferred for spring of 2009.